Virginia Preparatory School

Media & IT


Media Centre

The Media Centre is large and spacious (having once been the school hall), and air-conditioned. It is extremely well-stocked and the pupils have access to a wide range of fiction and non-fiction books, all of which are scanned on computer. Children can obtain unlimited information from the internet-linked computers which are available for research purposes. The centre flourishes because it keeps abreast of continuously changing developments.

Virginia Prep has an efficient Homework Centre which operates from 14:00 until 17:00, Monday to Friday.


Computer Center

We are indeed proud of the well-equipped Computer Centre, at Virginia Preparatory. The pupils have access to the internet and numerous English and Maths programmes; including Cami Maths. These programmes are used for reinforcement, remediation and extension purposes. Virginia Prep caters for all its pupils’ needs.

We have two Smartboards (one in the computer room and one in the Media Centre). These are interactive whiteboards which are linked to a data projector and computer. Needless to say, the learning opportunities are endless. Each class teacher can book time in either venue to use these boards with their classes.