Virginia Preparatory School

Arts & Culture



The following activities are on offer as part of the extramural programme: Cookery, Art, Crafts, Choir, Dance (Jazz, Tap, Modern), Debating, Drama Club, Computer Club, Service Club, Environmental Club and Guitar .


Our Junior and Senior Choirs perform each term and are of an exceptional standard.



The art room with its amazing position overlooking the field, and views from The Bluff to Umhlanga, has inspired much creativity in the children and the standard of our art has improved out of all recognition.

Virginia Prep hosts an annual Durban North Spring Art Exhibition in the third term. This is opened by a guest speaker and invited schools display their art.



Our Bite size theatres are put on twice a term for children to showcase their talents for others to see. These are held in our amphitheater during breaks

Each year a production is put on as well as Poetry evenings.



Virginia is proud to be an eco-school. We were awarded our eco-school green flag in 2008 and our International Green Flag in 2011. We have been re-awarded this over the last 6 years.

We have many projects on the go such as the recycling of paper, tins, glass and plastic. We are trying to eradicate our alien invasive plants and turn our gardens into an indigenous corridor between Danville Park and Virginia Bush.